Kohab is designed to transform the way you manage your property and protect your home, bringing you real-time access to your financial information and HOA community.

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Kohab is designed for you.

Icon Pay and Manage Dues

Pay & Manage Dues

In 3 simple steps each owner can enter their bank or credit card information to pay assessment fees.

Icon Communication and Maintenance

Communication & Maintenance

Archives historical conversations between neighbors for future reference, historical database of improvements, document and send potential maintenance improvements and set up Profile to learn about neighbors.

Icon Bugeting and Reporting

Budgeting & Reporting

Kohab has a reporting functionality that provides all members real-time visibility on where assessment dollars are being allocated.

Icon Voting and Polling

Voting & Polling

Kohab has a voting functionality that provides all members real-time voting on HOA upgrades, maintenance issues and community changes.

Icon File Repository

File Repository

Kohab has a File Repository that provides all members real-time access to all important HOA documents. There are many documents that all Homeowners should have access to at anytime. These include: Rules/Regulations, By-laws, Declarations, Current Year Budget, Meeting Minutes and Certificate of Insurance.

HOA Directory

HOA Directory

Users can add a bio, introducing themselves to the HOA community. By listing interests, connections can be made.

Kohab is is simple and secure.

Here's how it works:

Step 1:
Click on the registration link and create your Kohab HOA account

Step 2:
Connect to the secure banking database and categorize your expenses.

Step 3:
Send email invites to HOA members through the customized Kohab dashboard.

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